About us

Headstrong Properties offers the best in vacation rental homes throughout the Eastern United States.
What makes Headstrong Properties different is the level of care and quality you will receive during your stay.

The company is owned by Carrie Wisniewski, a small business owner who loves to travel locally and internationally. After her son was born more than 20 years ago, she realized how important it was to have a home from home to enjoy during a vacation. With a toddler in tow, it was important to have all the facilities and amenities needed to make their stay comfortable. So since that time, Carrie has been acquiring and lovingly updating short-term rental properties to provide quality accommodation with that in mind.

“Most of my guests are amazed at the decorations and other amenities my homes have to offer.”

Carrie Wisniewski

Our properties are: 

Conveniently located



Well appointed


Sparkling clean