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near Smooth Sailing on Lake Champlain

Plattsburgh, New York State

We have accommodation on Lake Champlain in Plattsburgh in the Adirondack Mountains and in Dunkirk on the south-eastern shore of Lake Erie.

Plattsburgh offers a delightful blend of history, adventure and relaxation. Enjoy outdoor thrills, cultural experience or simply treat yourself to a tranquil getaway. The downtown district is charming and there are several ski resorts within a short drive. Throughout the year, Plattsburgh hosts an exciting schedule of events that celebrate the city’s vibrant culture. From the Mayor’s Cup Regatta, a thrilling boat race on Lake Champlain (one of the most stunning bodies of water in the region), to the Champlain Valley Fair, a week-long extravaganza featuring live music, rides, and delicious fair food. There’s always something happening in Plattsburgh to entertain and inspire.

Downtown on Margaret Street there are also a couple of antique stores (my husband calls them junk stores).

Here’s some more things to do during your vacation in Plattsburgh:


The Ausable River is legendary among fly fishers
Visit The Ausable Chasm for rock climbing, mountain biking, river rafting and more
Hike at Point Au Roche State Park
Bluff Point Golf Resort

Food & drink

For yummy prime rib and salad bar, try The Butcher Block
There’s also a great old time diner close to the house called
Gus’ Red Hots Diner, Pizzeria and Sub Shop. I love their chili cheese dogs.
There’s also a nice brunch spot downtown called Sip.
Our favourite pizza is at Big Sal’s Pizzeria.
Close to downtown there is an old school bar called Mickey’s Restaurant & Lounge.
If you want something for a special occasion try Anthony’s Restaurant & Bistro.

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